LoBrow Productions specialises in the delivery of digital media solutions & bespoke video content to serve a variety of platforms & requirements.

Welcome to LoBrow Productions


LoBrow Productions is a creative enterprise which designs and implements bespoke content across a variety of platforms. Our projects encompass the forefront of media technologies and techniques in order to provide cutting-edge video, web and multi-media solutions for personal and private usage.


Our wealth of cross-platform experience, coupled with our skillset, permits our services to integrate a multitude of video and graphic design elements into our projects. Our specialisms include digital media and video production, web video production and marketing, smart technology applications, event production, marketing and design.


The passion we possess for our projects allows us to provide solutions through an understanding and consideration of client requirements and a focus on results. Our projects to date have incorporated the following technologies and solutions:


  • Documentary video production
  • Television programming
  • Vine video production
  • Viral video production & marketing
  • Online & digital marketing
  • Drone video capture and production
  • Web integration and management
  • Event production & promotion
  • Digital design solutions
  • Audio content

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